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Yang Sheng

Yang Sheng (or keep in good health) is also called She Sheng(or keep fit), Dao Sheng (or maintaining good health),Yang Xing (or discipline one¨s temperament), Wei Sheng (or defend one¨s good health), Bao Sheng (or keep good health) and Shou Shi (conserve good health). The term Yang Sheng made its premiere in the book Zhuangzi Nei Pian. Sheng herein means giving birth,life,existence and growth.The Chinese character Yang means maintenance, care and nourishment.

In short, Yang Sheng means the conservation of life. Then, whether is Yang Sheng equivalent to the concept of health care defined by modern medicine?The term of health care has become popular after modern western medicine was introduced into China. Health care refers to the comprehensive medical measures taken by groups or individuals, which integrate both the measures for disease prevention and measures for epidemic prevention. In terms of individual health care, the meanings of health care and health preservation are basically identical.

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