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National Patriotic Health Committee officially named Shunyi District as ^National Health District ̄. Eighty villages were awarded this year¨s ^Beijing Health village ̄. The second cycle of urban health continued to advance, giving support to rural health work and making significant achievements. Hospitals at the second and third rank in the eight urban districts had sent 1,288 part-time medical staff to the aid-received units; received 500 prior training staff from aid-received units without or with less training fee, and sent 2192 experts for the free examinations, offered counseling, diagnosis and treatment to 112,002 farmers, gave 7,852 classes on health education. The total value of the donations, donated medicines and donated equipment was about 10.49 million Yuan. [Medical Administration] The program of "Hospital Management Year" and "Establishing People's Satisfactory Hospital" was furthered in all hospitals and had made remarkable achievements. The number of outpatients, in- patients and surgery patients in the city's hospitals at the third rank increased significantly compared with the previous year, and in some large polyclinics, the average medical fees for outpatients and inpatients began to decline. Six quality control and improvement centers of pathology, nuclear medicine, digestive endoscopy, nursing, blood collection and provision, clinical blood transfusion were formed to further improve the medical quality management system with the participation of health administrative departments, professional quality control centers and medical institutions.

The Program on the Setup of Blood Collected and Supplied Institutions in Beijing was formulated and implemented. Initiatives related to medical services for people¨s welfare had been further implemented. According to incomplete statistics, the city's hospitals at the third rank had received more than 600 inpatients for lower fees, benefiting the people for 900 million. 31 examination results of clinical biochemistry, clinical blood, and clinical immunology had got the general mutual recognition among the city¨s qualified hospitals at the third rank.

[Health Law Enforcement and Supervision] Great achievements have been made in further strengthening health law enforcement and supervision, focusing on punishing illegal medical practices, rectifying and regulating the order of medical services. The city had organized four special movements against illegal practice, handled 2,042 cases; completed the evaluation of quantitative classification and grading management in the 35,463 restaurants and promoted the monitoring model of the evaluation of quantitative classification and grading management in health management and the prevention of occupational diseases in public places; further strengthened health supervision on holidays, and major activities, successfully completed health security work during important festivals, "two sessions"(NPC & CPPCC) , Beijing summit of Sino-African Cooperation Forum, as well as other important events.

[Training of Health Professionals and Health Research] The city¨s general medical training center was established. ^Opinions on Further Strengthening the Training of General Medical Professionals ^was drafted to make overall plan on the training of community health professionals in the period of "11th Five-Year Plan". The training program of general medical professionals was comprehensively implemented, and the training for all backbone physicians and doctors working in the city¨s community health centers, and general medical training examinations were organized. The "Beijing 2006-2010 plan of job training for rural doctors" was developed. It actively accelerated the standardized job training for rural doctors. Through distance education and practical training methods, 5,704 rural doctors received the training in 202 teaching spots; rural doctors specialized in secondary education moved forward. Throughout the year, 628 doctors were enrolled to receive middle school education, and the training of specialist has been strengthened. The task of training 500 medical leading professionals and 500 technical backbones for the medical institutions in the 10 rural districts was successfully completed.

Health technological work was strengthened. In 2006 papers published by the city's health institutions were much more than that in last year. The capital medical research development fund funded 296 research projects, with the total donation of 37.26 million Yuan. The key project of " Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Integration of Viral Hepatitis ", which was undertaken with over 90 experts come from 10 hospitals including Beijing Youan hospitals, the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Beijing University Department of Medicine, Beijing Union Hospital, made significant research results and provided a more scientific basis for the prevention and control of viral hepatitis. The research of Olympic health legacy and emergent medical aid made achievement in this phase. [Maternal and Child Health] The main index of MCH continued to maintain a leading position in the country. The maternal mortality rate was 7.9/10 10,000, 50% lower than the previous year, and the best in history. Infant baby mortality rate was equal to that in the previous year.

[International Cooperation] The city actively explored the effective cooperation mechanism with the outside governmental and non-governmental health departments and signed 21 international cooperative projects and agreements. As the 2006-2007 annual cooperative projects between China and WHO, two projects of "Maternal and Child Health Care for Floating Population in Beijing " and " Investigation on the Incidence Rate of Epilepsy in Poor Rural Areas and its Treatment Gaps and the Study on the Feasibility of Epilepsy Patient Care Center " were implemented. And the 20th medical team was sent to assist Guinea.

[Traditional Chinese Medicine Project] Opinions on Making Full Use of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in Community Health Services was formulated. All Chinese medicine hospitals at the third rank have been organized to sign the mutual support obligation agreement with the Chinese medicine hospitals in rural counties. 4.5 million special fund was given to support the unique rural specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine centers, unique treatment clinics and the construction of leading counties in the field of rural TCM work. Three districts and counties have finished the construction of leading counties in the field of rural Traditional Chinese Medicine work.

The radiation of excellent resources of the clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the city¨s large hospitals was further developed, as well as the construction of ^Project on Specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine Centers (special diseases) in Cooperation with Network in Beijing ̄, which had promoted the development of rural Chinese medicine. Eighteen city-level key special (special diseases) projects were established. The training of practical Chinese medicine technology for the rural doctors was greatly improved, and the goal of Chinese medicines services in every village was also reached.

Twenty-two Chinese medicine demonstration community centers and 49 service stations were established, and 90% of the city¨s community health service centers and 60% community health service stations could offer Chinese medicine service. 5.7 million special fund was given to support the strengthening of the basic Chinese medicine emergency treatment and infection department in all counties and districts of the city; the project of distributing free Chinese medicine treatment to AIDS was completed with the support of You¨an hospital and Ditan hospital, which are the two infection disease prevention bases with the integration of the Chinese medicine and western medicine. The ^Chinese medicine treatment guide service in Beijing area ̄ was started to provide the information on Chinese medicine treatment in Beijing. The selection program of ^The First People¨s Favorite Young Famous Chinese Medicine Doctors ̄ was hold through direct vote.

[The Olympic Preparation Work] The comprehensive Olympic preparation work in health system was implemented, the overall planning of public health and medical treatment security and training were completed, and 3 guideline documents including Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games---Public Health Security, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games---Emergeny Medical Aid and Medical Services and the Olympic Training Plan of Beijing Health Bureau were formulated.

The 2006 key counting down engineering projects of ^Complete the Reconstruction the Barrier-free Equipment of 1 Hospital (outpatient building) and 13 Hospitals (inpatient building) ̄ hold by Beijing Health Bureau before the Olympic Games had been implemented smoothly. A series of conferences on international cooperation and exchanges on medical health were successfully hold, including ^2006 Beijing Medical Forum on Chinese-France Emergency Aid and Disaster Relief ̄ and ^The International Forum on the Olympic Medical Aid and Medical Security in the City¨s Public Health System ̄. The Common Manual on Medical Health Service in Foreign Languages was compiled in 8 languages, and the software of ^foreign language talents storage system in Beijing health system ̄ was developed.

[The Construction of Spiritual Civilization and Industrial Styles] A series of colorful ideological and political education were practiced in the city's health system, with the establishment and practice of the socialist concept of honor or disgrace at its core; organized the activities of ̄ learning from Hua Yiwei, the excellent surgeon "; launched its third selection of public health units of the capital and the first selection of top 10 health defenders of the capital to promote the building of the positive image of the health system.

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