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During building the disease control and prevention system, the network for monitoring major notifiable infectious diseases has been further improved. We have recently established the standardized systems for monitoring and reporting occupational diseases and infectious diseases through border ports, as well as food and drinking water contaminants. As the construction of pathogen microorganism laboratories for infectious diseases is promoted, we have formed a laboratory network testing and monitoring major diseases, a network which takes the laboratory of Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention as the central laboratory, and 12 measles laboratories, 6 SARS laboratories, 101 AIDS preliminary screening laboratories and 16 laboratories for avian influenza in humans as its members. Now we have enhanced the abilities to monitor, warn, diagnose and identify diseases in an all-round way. In the disease control system there are now 19 first-aid detachments under the unified governance of Beijing Bureau of Public Health. Key infrastructure projects are in smooth progress. Indoor decoration and equipment deployment in the operation building of Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention have been accomplished by and large. The supportive projects of municipal engineering are being pressed onwards in every item of work.

As for the construction of medical service system, the relocation of Beijing Ditan Hospital, the reconstruction and expansion of Beijing Youan Hospital in the first phase and the expansion of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital (Beijing Chemical Poisoning Rescue Base) have been topped out on the principal structure. Currently, their second structural constructions are under way. Some basic projects are in smooth progress as scheduled, including the reconstruction of Beijing First-aid Medical Rescue Center, the expansion of the operation building of Beijing Children’s Hospital First-aid Center, the construction of Beijing Children’s Blood & Tumor Center, the construction of cadre health-care building of Beijing Youyi Hospital, the construction of Huilongguan section of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, the reconstruction and expansion of Xuanwu Hospital in the first phase, the construction of clinic building and other subsidiary buildings of Beijing Laonian Hospital, and the construction of clinic & emergency treatment ward building and other subsidiary buildings of Beijing Anding Hospital.

We have finished transforming the pubic health supervision institutions from public service units to executive and law-enforcing units, and the public health supervision personnel are all turned into civil servants or executives. The number of personnel in all health supervision institutions increases to 2011, 574 more as against the previous year. The electronic information technology is used to facilitate joint enforcement of laws, and we have established and kept refining the information system of integrated management on health supervision and law enforcement.

The statistic platform for the health information has been further improved, so as to bring into existence 3 databases of human resources in health institutions across the city, equipment of some health institutions, and discharged patients from the medical institutions rated as 2-grade or better. Some special system projects are approved, initiated and moved into construction in succession in the first half of the year, including the information system of integrated management on Beijing community medical service, the management system of new rural cooperative medical service, the management system of blood information, the information system of integrated management on health supervision and law-enforcement. And it is the first city in the country that puts into use the service telephone of public health, that is, 12320, on November 30.

[Special Governance over Briberies in Purchase and Selling of Medicines] Beijing Bureau of Public Health has formulated Beijing Bureau of Public Health’s Arrangement Opinions on Implementing the Special Governance over Briberies in Purchase and Selling of Medicines. And in cooperation with that, a special leading group has been established. Mr. Jin Dapeng, director-general of the Bureau and secretary of the Bureau CPC committee, is its head, and the deputy secretary of the Bureau CPC committee, the deputy director-general of the Bureau and the chief of discipline inspection are its deputy heads, and relevant principals in charge are in the leading group as well. The responsibility system is strictly carried out so as to bring into shape a working mechanism in which the principal leader is in general charge; executive leaders take the direct command and each office take charge of respective duties. As for the hospitals in Beijing affiliated to central ministries or commissions, the governance work is conducted in light of the principle of localized management. And a coordinating group, constituted by the Ministry of Health, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, other relevant commissions or departments as well as Beijing Bureau of Public Health, was formed to take charge of contacting and coordinating 3-grade central hospitals in the capital. In the special governance work, Beijing Bureau of Public Health has enabled nearly 100% coverage of publicity by means of extensive mobilization, in-depth education, positive publicity and example guidance. With key tasks stressed, we are fully devoted to solving noticeable problems. Supervision and guidance are strengthened. We have formulated Beijing Health Sector’s Surveillance Scheme on Governing Briberies in Purchase and Selling Medicines, and established a level-to-level surveillance mechanism. Any difficulties or problems that crop up in the work are duly solved. We have established and perfected the case-handling work system featuring hierarchical responsibility, and other relevant mechanisms such as information exchange, clues handover, case investigation with prosecutorial institution, public security, administration for industry and commerce, and food and drug administration. Through the information exchange, we have strengthened the investigation into and handling of cases. Since a unified bank account was made open to the public to exclusively collect illegal commissions, a noticeable effect has been produced up to this phase. In the process of special governance, medical institutions in Beijing at various levels have carried out self-examination and self-correction, and, by putting forth corrective measures and refining institutional construction, made important progress and achievements in establishing long-effective mechanisms to curb briberies in purchase and selling medicines

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