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● Office of Beijing Patriotic Health Campaign Committee

Being responsible for the formulation of strategies and measures on the city’s patriotic health work and its implementation; the overall coordination of relevant departments to conduct patriotic health work and the organization of the establishment of the State Hygiene City; the popularization and publicity on health knowledge and the organization of “Campaign to Promote the Health of Hundreds of Millions of Farmers”; the organization of the overall effect evaluation of social health work; the reform of rural water pipelines, toilets and the creation of hygiene villages and towns; the supervision and inspection of the ban on smoking in public places and the supervision of ‘Four Pests’ elimination organization around the city.

● Division of Medical Devices

Being responsible for the supervision and management of the examination and approval, clinical application, application quality and relevant personnel of big-size medical devices in medical institutions (military medical institutions excluded) as well as the daily management including medical devices in medical institutions, preparations, medicines (including medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber. toxicity anesthesia drugs, one-time medical measurement devices and clinical application; the certification of physicians’ qualifications to prescribe narcotic drugs and the organization of medical institutions to have a concentrated procurement of medicines and medical devices.

● Division of Development Programs

Being responsible for the formulation and implementation of regional health plan, mid-and long-term development programs and the annual plan on capital construction in the public health sector as well as capital construction projects directly under the bureau; guidance on the development of the capital construction on public health in districts and counties; the reform of the housing system; the supervision and management of the rectification of sewage and filth from hospitals.

● Prices Division

Being responsible for the management, supervision and inspection of charges for medical services, administrative fees and charges for drugs, blood and preparations; the formulation of the charge standards for new medical service items; the implementation of the reform entitled "total volume control and structural adjustment” for medicine expenses in the public health system.

● Division of International Cooperation

Being responsible for the organization of and guidance on governmental and multi-lateral NGO cooperation and bilateral cooperation; the organization of medical foreign aid work, international medical exchanges and communication, international medical conferences and international cooperation on medical technologies; the coordination and management of Beijing Cooperation Center, WHO; the examination and management of medical cooperatives project; the coordination of the talent introduction work of relevant departments; the management of foreign affairs of the division and the bureau; the organization of the approval of medical exchanges and communication with Hong Kong and Macao counterparts; the guidance on and supervision of the implementation of international cooperation projects.

● Division of Securities

Being responsible for the supervision of and guidance on the work related to safety, social security, fire safety and thief-proof of the bureau and its sub-units and the supervision and management of inflammable and explosive goods; the organization of safety publicity activities; being in charge of the safety production work of the bureau and medical institutions as well as logistics reform and management of medical institutions directly under the bureau.

● Finance Division

Being responsible for the drafting of the annual fiscal budget, accounting and final accounting of the medical system in the city, the supervision and inspection of the finance and fixed assets management of units directly under the bureau; participation in the formulation of health compensation policies; the approval of the loan application of units directly under the bureau;the final accounting of internal loans; being in charge of government procurement plans, the collection and return of extra-budgetary funds, centralized payment and management of the treasury, bank account management, bill management, foreign exchange allocation of units directly under the bureau, the index control of vehicles to be purchased and the management of two separate lines for the revenue and payment of medicines in medical institutions; the organization of continuing education and training on accounting personnel in units directly under the bureau for their certification; work related to finance and fixed assets management.

● Auditing Division

Being responsible for the guidance on the internal auditing work conducted by the auditing departments of the county health bureau and units directly under the bureau; the formulation of internal rules and regulations on auditing; the training of internal auditing personnel; the auditing and supervision of budget, final accounting, fiscal payment and economic activities of units directly under the bureau; the evaluation and verification of the inflation-proof, value increment, business conditions and economic efficiency of the capital assets; the organization of economic auditing of leaders in units directly under the bureau.

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