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ⅡThe Functions of Offices and Divisions under Beijing Municipal Health Bureau.

● The Functions of Branch Offices

Comprehensive coordination of government and party affairs, assistance in the comprehensive research conducted by leaders of the bureau, participation in the formulation of development programs, mid-and long-term development programs, important policies and measures and internal management systems; overall coordination, supervision and inspection of businesses of divisions and branch offices; assistance in the objective management of divisions and branch offices; assuming the organization and coordination of important meetings and major events; being responsible for document processing and work related to information, motion, recommendations, proposals and files, secrecy and petitions as well as daily secretary affairs, cahiers; family planning work of the bureau and its subordinate units and the supervision and management of relevant castes.

● Division of Laws and Regulations

Being responsible for the drafting of local health laws and regulations, investigation and research on health reform policies, supervision of the implementation of relevant laws and regulations; respondence agency work of administrative reconsideration, compensation and proceedings; hearing work of administrative punishment and permit; formulation of work plan of law publicity and education in Beijing’s health system as well as its inspection, examination and acceptance.

● Division of Disease Prevention and Control

Being responsible for the implementation of the state laws and regulations on epidemics, endemics, verminosis, occupational diseases, chronic non-communicable diseases, mental illness and injury, common adolescent disease and oral diseases; the drafting of plan on disease prevention and its implementation; the organization and coordination of health education and promotion; the health monitoring and evaluation work of food, drinking water, occupational radiation and public places; the prevention and control of major epidemics; the guidance and management of disease control institutions and the building of talent contingents; the daily work of Office of State Council Working Committee for AIDS Prevention and Control, Office of the Seven Northern Provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) Joint Working Committee for Plague and Office of the Beijing Coordination Group for Plague Prevention and Control.

● Division of Medical Services

Being responsible for the drafting of plan on the setup of medical institutions, the access approval of the elements of medical services including medical practitioners and technologies, the supervision and management of blood collection and supply centers and the quality of blood for clinical application; the guidance on medical institutions for a scientific and rational use of blood; lawful management and special physical check-up; the formulation and implementation of qualities and evaluation standards on medical treatment, nursing and medical technologies; the medical treatment of emergencies and disasters; the disposal of health allocations to rural areas and medical accidents, the judiciary appraisal of mental illnesses and the organization of medicare in large-scale activities.

● Emergency Office (The headquarters office for public health emergencies)

Being responsible for the drafting of plans on public health emergencies of the city, the organization of daily practice of relevant emergency plans, the training of relevant knowledge and skills, the establishment and improvement of the monitoring and early warning systems of public health accidents; the emergency response of public health emergencies and medical treatment of major security accidents; participation in the prevention, control and management of major infectious diseases which are prone to cause public health emergencies.

● Division of Rural Health Services

Being responsible for the formulation and implementation of the plan on the city’s rural health reform and development; the advancement of recommendations for the development of the rural health cause; the implementation, coordination, guidance and evaluation of the plan on the premier rural health care; the comprehensive management of the New Rural Cooperative Medical System (NCMS); the planning, guidance and management of the establishment of the rural health services; the management of health work for rural communities, senior’s health and community-based rehabilitation activities; the lawful guidance on registration for rural doctors and related management; the assistance in the formulation and implementation of plans concerning rural public health, basic medical care and talent training with related departments.

● Division of the Health Care for Women, Children and Communities

Being responsible for the formulation of local laws, regulations and policy measures on the city’s health care for women, children and communities and the improvement of the quality of the newborns as well as the development programs on the health care for women, children and communities; the management of the health care for women, children, communities and urban seniors and the rehabilitation activities of urban communities; the guidance and supervision of the implementation of special technologies on maternal and infant health care and family planning technologies; the guidance and management of the health care systems for women, children and communities.

● Division of Science and Education

Being responsible for the drafting of the city’s development program on medical technologies; the organization of the construction of key medical subjects and medical centers in Beijing, the management of major scientific and technological breakthrough projects and medical research funds; the appraisal, recommendation and promotion of medical scientific and technological achievements; the approval of human assistant reproduction and derivative technology and the management of laboratory biosafety; the organization of health publicity activities; the drafting of the city’s development program on health education and plan on the construction of the health contingent and their guidance and implementation; the post-graduating education, continuing education and training of medical technicians and managing staff; the report, organization and management of international cooperation projects, the selection of personnel for further study abroad at public expense and introduction of talents.

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