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Brief introduction about Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and the functions of its divisions

Ⅰ.A Brief Introduction about Beijing Municipal Health Bureau

Beijing Municipal Health Bureau is a city government department responsible for the health work of the city, and it has following functions:

1. Being responsible for the drafting of local health laws and regulations, formulation and implementation of the overall planning and development objectives of the city’s health reform and development, technical standards, health standards, and supervision of their implementation.

2. The overall planning and coordination of the allocation of health resources in the city, the formulation and implementation of the city’s regional health planning, guidance and service standards for the community health services.

3, Being responsible for the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the release of lists of infectious diseases to be monitored, the supervision and management of food, labor, environment, radiation and hygiene in schools, the formulation of management standards on the quality of food and cosmetics and authentication work.

4.The formulation and implementation of planning, policies and measures on rural health, maternal and child health and primary health care; guidance and supervision of the implementation of special technology on maternal and child health and family planning technology.

5, Being responsible for the management of healthcare industry, the management of medical institutions and the formulation of implementation specifications on the management of medical staff, medical quality standards, service standards and supervision of their implementation.

6. The supervision and management of blood collection and supply centers and clinical blood-use quality, and the motivation and organization of citizens for free blood donations.

7. The formulation and implementation of the planning of medical science & technology and education development, and the organization of the breakthrough of key medical and health R&D work, and the

8. The formulation and implementation of the development plan on the city’s medical talents and the ethical standards for health officers; the implementation of qualification standards for the national medical technical personnel and the introduction of medical talents.

9. The organization and coordination of the international exchanges and cooperation between the city’s medical organizations and WHO (World Health Organization) and other healthcare organs, and medical foreign aid.

10. Implementing the principle of “giving equal importance to CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) and western medicine”, and promoting the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine and cooperation between organizations.

11. Undertaking the relevant work of the Patriotic Health Campaign; being responsible for the medical work of healthcare identified by Beijing Municipal Health Council and the management of the medical work for cadres concerned in various departments of Beijing.

12. The organization and deployment of the city’s medical technical force to conduct emergency disposals for major outbreaks of diseases and illnesses; the prevention and control of the emergence and spread of epidemic diseases; the construction of the city’s rescue system and the organization of the city's major rescue work.

13. The supervision of the configuration and application quality of big-size medical equipment in medical institutions; the specific management of preparations and medicines in medical institutions; the organization and supervision of the concentrated procurement of drugs in medical institutions.

14. The formulation and implementation of policies on the health care system reforms including the establishment and improvement of the compensation mechanism in public health and the broadening of the financing channels; the realization of "total volume control, structural adjustment " in medical cost, the drafting and management of the prices of medical services.

15. The formulation of items and standards of basic medical services and participation in the management of basic medical cost.

16. Other tasks designated by Beijing Municipal Government, and managing Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine according to Reform Program on Beijing Party and Government Institutions.

ⅡThe Functions of Offices and Divisions under Beijing Municipal Health Bureau.

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