The weekly topic -- fireworks safety emergency
From:Beijing first aid center
  "The sound of firecrackers welcomes new year" festive atmosphere, but with the fun, do not ignore the safety and health problems. As a result of improper way setting off firecrackers, wounding incident happens every year. Wounding site is the eyes and hands, the eyes are particularly vulnerable, corneal burn, infection and ulcer are small wound, it can also leade to severe burns and need to take out of eyeball.

  After fireworks hurt, the instinct of a man in the eyes of fireworks and firecrackers impact with their eyes closed to protect itself, if only simple facial injuries and eyelid injury, should go to the hospital cleaning, suture, besmear medicine; if the eye injury, wound, should find a specialist department of Ophthalmology doctor symptomatic treatment. Don't flip in patients with eyelid, it may aggravate the injury.

  Public should set off fireworks orderly and safely, especially do not exceed the standard discharge of fireworks and firecrackers. Children must be accompanied by an adult, can no set off alone; do not attempt to reset off. At the same time the citizens in watching other people set off should also pay attention to their own safety, pay attention to set off the scene environment and wind, wind direction, the obstacle factors, keep a safe distance and set off safely.