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Beijing Hospital of TCM


Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated to Capital University of Medicine Sciences (Beijing Hospital of TCM), which was established in 1956, undertaking the duty of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention is the only municipal comprehensive 3rd-class A-level hospital. It also subordinates Beijing Research Institute of TCM, Zhaobingnan Medical treatment center of Dermatosis, and Beijing international training centre of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

There are nearly 1300 staffs working in the hospital, including 148 high –rank medical specialists, 21 national and 2 municipal famous TCM doctors. With the total building area of 60000 m2 the hospital covers an area of 30000 m2 and has 565 beds. There are about 4000 patients come to the outpatient department everyday .
The hospital subordinates 26 clinical departments including the Dept of Dermatosis and venereal disease, Dept of Gastroenterology, Dept of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Dept of phymatology ,Dept of surgery ,、Dept of nephropathy,Dept of emergency ,Dept of angiocardiopathy,Dept of respiratory  disease ,Dept of gynecology ,Dept of pediatrics,Dept of orthopedics,health Dept for VIP,Dept of infective disease,Dept of anal canal disease,Dept of ophthalmology, Dept of stomatology and Dept of ear-nose-throat. Furthermore there are 70 special clinic of TCM in the hospital, such as centers of diabetes, depression, headache, diabetic gangrene,mastosis,mammary cancer,pulmonary carcinoma,sicca syndrome,osteoporosis,sterility,chiropractic etc. The hospital is on national advanced level and famous in the world in treating defferent kinds of hepatitis,rheumatism, ulcer, nephropathy, cerebrovascular disease, psoriasis,lupus erythematosus, eczema, soreand peripheral angiopathy.

The hospital has the medical technology department such as clinical laboratory , Dept of physical diagnosis, radiology department, pathology department , Dept of nuclear medicine, possessing sophisticated medical facilities  including  MRI ,CT,  ECT ,spiral CT, DSA, large full automatic analytical instrument and color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus.
The pharmacy for Chinese medicine has more than 800 kinds of herb medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms. More than 260 kinds of patent medicine in the form of  pills, powder, cream, dan,,drug soaked ribbon gauze ,tincture or oil solutions were made based on the proved or secret recipe of the old famous specialists. And 160 kinds of them have been accepted by the medical insurance and greeted by the patients for good effect and lower price.

In recent years, under the strategy of “developing famous hospital, famous department and famous specialists”, Dept of Dermatosis and venereal disease, Dept of Gastroenterology, Dept of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Dept of phymatology and Dept of nephropathy have been estimated as the national or municipal key subjects and research centers. In addition the hospital also has the special Dept such as Dept of infective disease,Dept of angiocardiopathy,Dept of gynecology, Dept of respiratory  disease etal. So the good aspect of department developing at different level has been formed. Special Dept construction and specialists development were promoted by scientific research .From 1978 to 2000, 232 awards have been gained, 18 were national and 78 were provincial or ministry level, 153 were bureau level. Now 30 scientific research subjects are investigating and 17 are provincial or ministry level, 13 are bureau level.

Beijing International training Center of Acupuncture and Combustion of our hospital is running study class for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and massage. More than 1000 foreign physicians of TCM and Acupuncture have been trained here. About 30000 people from 80 countries and area came for a visiting or exchange .Now our hospital is undertaking the duty of foreign aid and running several international classes for healthy care training and medical administration of TCM. At the same time, our specialists are sent abroad to give lectures or consultation. It enlarged the influence of TCM in the world and strengthen the relationship between China and other countries.

Beijing Hospital of TCM has been honoured as the national advanced group of health system, 3rd-class A-level hospital, natilonal model hospital of TCM , one of the 100 best hospitals  in China by the Public Health Ministry and the Nation Management Bureau of TCM .Further more it is also chosen as the capital civilized unit and the credible unit of price ,computation and quality by the government .

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