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Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital


-Affiliate of Capital University of Medical Sciences


Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Affiliate of Capital University of Medical Sciences, was established on February 25, 1958.  The Hospital, subordinated to Beijing Bureau of Public Health, is the third clinical college of Capital University of Medical Sciences. As a hospital officially identified to be at the top grade in China, it conducts medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and disease prevention. It is also a “A” designated hospital in the medical insurance system. The total land area of the hospital is 115,000 m2 (the Main Campus covers 56,000 m2 and Jing Xi Campus 65,000 m2) and the construction area totals 145,000 m2 (80,000 m2 in the Main Campus and 65,000 m2 in Jing Xi campus).  The wards contain 1580 beds (1030 beds in the Main Campus and 550 in Jing Xi Campus) .The fixed asset totals 1 billion yuan RMB. The hospital is equipped with 50 clinical and technical departments and 21 administrative departments and there are 3000 employees (2237 are engaged in the Main Campus and 703 in Jing Xi campus). The address of the Main Campus of Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital is No.8,Baijiazhuang Road, Chao Yang District, 100020 (in the northwest of the Central Business District of Beijing) and the telephone exchange is 010-85231000. The address of Jing Xi Campus is No.5, Jingyuan Road, Shi Jing Shan District, 100043 (700 meters to the south of the joint of Chang An Street and Western 5th Ring. Telephone exchange: 010-51888114

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II.The Research Institutes in the Hospital

Beijing Institute of Respiratory Medicine
Beijing Center of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and Research
Beijing Center of Occupational Disease and Poisoning Medicine
Beijing Center of Organ Transplantation
Beijing Center of Multiple Myeloma Research
WHO Collaborating Center for Tobacco or Health
Academic Department of Respiratory Medicine of National Life Sciences and Technology Talents Training Center
Cardiovascular Disease Research Institute of Capital University of Medical Sciences Urology Surgery Research Institute of Capital University of Medical Sciences
Beijing Center of Laboratory Medicine
Emergency Medicine Education and Training Center of the Ministry of Public Health, Chinese Association of Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine
Beijing Center of Chemical Poisoning Treatment
Clinical Division, the State Chemical Poisoning Treatment

III. Advantageous Specialties

The following academic departments enjoying special features and advantages: the Academic Department of Respiratory Medicine, the Academic Department of Cardiology, the Academic Department of Urology, the Academic Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine, the Academic Department of Occupational Medicine, the Academic Department of Emergency Medicine, the Academic Department of Critical Care Medicine and the Department of Organ Transplantation, the Department of Laboratory Medicine, and most of them have been identified as key medical academic departments or key supporting medical departments.

IV. Scientific Research

The Hospital has undertaken quite a few major scientific research projects at state, ministerial / provincial and municipal levels. Annual fund for scientific research received from responsible authorities amounts to 6 million yuan and more than 400 papers on medical researches have been published. Each year the hospital is awarded prizes for scientific achievements at the ministerial level.

V. Teaching

Academic Department of Respiratory Medicine of National Life Sciences and Technology Talents Training Center and some departments of Capital University of Medical Sciences, including Department of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine and Department of Critical Care Medicine. Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital shares responsibility for teaching the 5- year system medical graduates and clinical teaching for 7-year system medical students. There are programs for master and doctor training as well as post-doctoral training. It also takes the responsibility for teaching students from nursing schools and nursing colleges. Some training centers of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, such as resident training, specialists training and general practice physicians training have been established in Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, the undertakes standard programs for trainings of residents, specialists and physicians of general practice.

VI. Model and Idea of Management

Beijing Chao-Yang hospital has adopted the management model that the president of the hospital takes the overall responsibility and then engagement is made level by level. The hospital, in order to achieve sustainable long-term development, has determined its medium and long- term management target and implemented gross quantity control, structure adjustment and target-responsibility system. Scientific and humanist management has been undertaken here in the hospital, involving functional management system and evaluation system, such as human resources management, financial management, and medical quality control and logistics management, etc. The hospital also undertakes dynamic management to ensure that all the systems can be under continuous improvement.

Idea for running the hospital is sought out to be: life saving is regarded as the highest pursuit while profit-making is deemed as the engine;

Idea of service: humanity should always be given the highest priority

Idea of management: education is the key

Motto of the Hospital: extensiveness, kindness, sincerity and creditability

VII   Development Target

Development strategy

Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital is carrying out sustainable development strategies in the following priorities: a) to reach an international standard of operation. b) to stick to two guidelines-academic and research development; economic and business management. c) to take over three major healthcare markets, namely, social medical welfare, commercial medical insurance as well as all kinds of specialty for solving difficult cases.

Overall target

In the year 2008, Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital will become a leading hospital to provide medical service for Olympic games. In general, the hospital has set up the overall development target that the hospital should reach international standard of operation.

In order to realize the target, the hospital now is carrying out the development model of “fleet”, which can be used for reference in China.

Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital should be an institute where humanity and science are best integrated and practiced in addition to be one of the academic and research resources for Chinese medical and health development.

Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital University of Medical Sciences

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