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The People's Hospital, Beijing University


Current situation

There are 2351 staff, 91 clinical medical, medical technological and administrative departments ,a hematology institute,a research center for arthropathy,and an institute for hepatic diseases. In 2005, there are 1,193,687 entries of outpatient and 109,403 entries for emergency treatment, The occupying coefficient of the bed reached 90.1%, and the average lodgment span of the hospitalized amounts to 13.1 days. All medical indicators of the Hospital stand among the top of hospitals in Beijing. Among the 2351 staff, there are 270 experts or professors with the title of a candidate senior technical post or above, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 39 doctoral tutors, and 141 master tutors. Many experts or professors are renowned at home or abroad. With a set of effective managerial system of the Hospital, the mature expert group in a youthful spirit has been solidified in the mutual construction of an environment that requires strictness, practical, and pioneering spirit in the work.

In order to reinforce the quality control and medicine supervision, the People’s Hospital, Peking University has established an “administrative committee for medical quality controls”, an “examination committee”, an “administrative committee for drugs controls” and an “administrative committee for health record”. Such methods ensure the constant enhancement of medical quality and practically reassure the patients. It also conduce to maintaining the image of the Hospital, and allows it to keep competitive in the medical industry.

The People’s Hospital, Peking University, as the teaching hospital for Peking University, assumes the clinic for undergraduates majored in medical treatment, stomatology, clinical examination and nursing in Peking University, education for graduates(doctoral or magisterial ), and further education for physicians all over China. There are 39 doctoral tutors, 19 doctor programs, 4 post-doctor stations and 141 master tutors. In 2005, the hospital has won various awards in the teaching area, including one national teaching award, three municipal teaching award, seven university awards by Peking University and eight awards in the Medical Department.


The people’s hospital affiliated to Beijing University, formerly the Central Hospital, is located Fu Nei Street, Fucheng Men, Beijing. Founded in 1918, It is the first comprehensive hospital set up nationally. with the appointment of Doctor Wu Liande, the famous expert on tropical diseases and first Chairman of Chinese Medical Association, as the first president of the hospital. It was renamed as Zhonghe Hospital in 1945, later as Central People’s Hospital in April, 1950 with the leadership transferred to the Ministry of Health. In 1956, the appellation was replaced as the People’s Hospital. In 1958, when it was put under its administration of the School of Medical Science, the People’s Hospital was named after the People’s Hospital affiliated to Beijing University of medical sciences. In April, 2002, it was renamed as the People’s Hospital, Peking University.

When the People’s Hospital was freshly founded, there were only 100 beds, 200 person-times of outpatient per day and dozens of staff. After the initiation of the Pacific War, Zhong Huilan, who was a famous professor in Peking Union Medical College on internal medicine and tropical disease, Lin Qiaozhi, Guan Songtao, Xie Yuanfu, Meng Jimao, Situ Zhan, Lin Sixin and other renowned experts joined in the management and the treatment in the hospital. With due respect for the work, arduous efforts in the services, responsibility

When Beijing was completely liberated, the hospital was further expanded. In 1984, a new branch, which is of 60,000 square meters, was built to the south-west of the Xizhimen Flyover Bridge and it was put into full use in April, 1991, In 1997, a modern building for scientific researches and teaching was built in the same site. Presently, the two hospitals, both old and new, possess a total area 100,000 square meters. Equipped with 1020 beds, the Hospital has undertaken lots of  in medical treatment, teaching, and researches. The tradition of “love, devotion, refinement, renovation” has been presented and inherited by the staff of the People’s Hospital generation by generation.

The prospects

The new inpatient building under construction occupies an area of 38,000 square meters. The future expanded hospital will have a proper distribution, develop the key disciplines. All possible resources will be summoned up to proceed towards a fresh milestone in terms of medical treatment, education and research.

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