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Xuanwu Hospital


Xuanwu Hospital founded in 1968, is located in Changchun Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing and is a municipal comprehensive hospital engaged in fields of medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. Beijing Medical Research Center of Senile Diseases is located here. Since 1987, it has been rated as a capital civil unit for several consecutive years. In 1989, it was among the first group of hospitals awarded as Grade Ⅲ-A General Hospital. In 1999, it was rated as an advanced national health care organization.

In 1960, the first national research center on neurosurgery, Beijing Research Center for Neurology was found here. For years, the hospital has devoted itself in this area, and has achieved encouraging progresses which have contributed greatly to the research on neurology in China.

In 1985, the hospital makes most of its advantages and made clear the direction of development on cardiovascular and cerebral vascular disease, in light of the social problems such as the aging population and the urgent need of health care for the old in Beijing and China. In January, 1985, Beijing Medical Research center for Senile Diseases was set up and in May, 1987, awarded by Beijing Municipal Government, invested by the State Planning Commission. In May, 1987, the center was listed as one of the municipal research institutes.

The hospital covers an area of 36,634 square meters with a building area of 69,000 square meters. It has 730 beds and 3,000 outpatients every day. It has 1820 staff, of which 193 are technicians with the title of senior professional post, 26 are experts in academic studies, and 5 are people with outstanding contributions to the city.

The hospital has comprehensive equipment, including 28 clinical offices of Chinese and western medicines, 14 medicine technical offices, and 14 preclinical and clinical labs. And it is equipped with PET, MRI machine, overall CT, color Doppler, the overall digital subtraction angioplasty, ECT and other comprehensive precision diagnosis and treatment appliances.

The hospital is the first clinical college affiliated to the Capital Medical University and the Biomedical Engineering Major, and Nursing Major are also set here. It provides training education for doctors and postgraduates. It has 3 post-doctor education centers and is the national training center for neurology physicians.

In the past 10 years, the hospital and the Beijing Medical Research Center of Senile Diseases have won 153 awards for scientific and technological research, of which the research projects on senile diseases accounts for 59% of the total. Since 1989, Beijing Medical Research Center on Senile Diseases has won the “Comprehensive Award for Advanced Achievements in Renovation and Development” awarded by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology for several consecutive years.

The hospital has established widely friendly cooperation with WTO, UN Population Fund and Development Program and medical institutions in the United States, Japan, Italy, Canada and Dutch.

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